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  1. 5. Mai 2024 · Dave Amato is an American guitarist, songwriter, and record producer. He is best known for his work with the hard rock band REO Speedwagon, which he joined in 1991. Amato has also played with Ted Nugent, Cher, and Richie Sambora, among others. Amato is a highly skilled guitarist with a versatile playing style. He is known for his melodic solos and his ability to create catchy riffs. He has ...

  2. Vor 6 Tagen · Kevin Cronin (lead vocals, guitar), Bruce Hall (bass), Dave Amato (lead guitar), Neal Doughty (keyboards), and Bryan Hitt (drums) collectively known as REO Speedwagon would close out the night. The band has an over 50yr career giving fans decades of memorable hit songs. “ Don’t Let Him Go ” and “ Take It On The Run ” would kick off the set.

  3. 7. Mai 2024 · Says Chicago’s Robert Lamm of the upcoming trek: “It’s always a party sharing the stage with Kevin, Neal, Bruce, Dave and Bryan! They rock. We rock. The tour rocks!” REO Speedwagon frontman Kevin Cronin agrees: “We love the Chicago guys. We all share that Midwest rock’ n roll ethic. We work hard, rock hard & take care of business ...

  4. 7. Mai 2024 · Ozark. ›. cast. Cast of Ozark. TV ( 2017 - 2022) • 162 total actors • Netflix. Ozark is a crime drama series that follows the story of Marty Byrde, played by Jason Bateman, and his wife Wendy Byrde, played by Laura Linney.

  5. Vor 4 Tagen · Für das Programm von Cannes war es ein Mega-Coup, dass hier im Wettbewerb der neue Film von Francis Ford Coppola, » Megalopolis «, Premiere feiern würde. Zum einen, weil Coppola zur Geschichte dieses Festivals gehört, konnte er doch bereits zweimal – 1974 mit dem Abhörthriller » The Conversation « und 1979 mit dem Vietnamkriegsepos » Apocalypse Now « – den höchsten Preis gewinnen.

  6. Vor 6 Tagen · Band members Kevin Cronin, Dave Amato, Bruce Hall, Neal Doughty, and Bryan Hitt helped REO ride to the top of the charts, selling 22 million albums in the United States and 40 million worldwide...

  7. 8. Mai 2024 · The cult rock band REO Speedwagon brings classic hits to Las Vegas. REO Speedwagon will present their never-to-be-forgotten songs at The Orleans Showroom on November 19-20. The current team composition includes founder Neal Doughty, soloist Kevin Cronin, guitarist Dave Amato, bassist Bruce Hall, and drummer Bryan Hitt.