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  1. Dealers in Death: Murder and Mayhem in America: Directed by John McNaughton. With Broderick Crawford. In the early part of 20th Century America gangs of ruthless, lawless desperados roamed the countryside robbing banks and killing the lawmen set out to stop them.

    • (39)
    • Documentary
    • John McNaughton
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  2. Dealers in Death is a 1934 documentary film on the defense industry. It implied that the First World War was fought for the benefit of arms dealers such as Basil Zaharoff and claims that moves toward rearmament and war in the mid-1930s were prompted by the same interests.

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    • John Mcnaughton
    • Broderick Crawford
  4. DEALERS IN DEATH -Murder & Mayhem in America (1984) The true stories of America's infamous gangsters and bank robbers of the 1930s and J Edgar Hoover's efforts to put an end to their...

    • 47 Min.
    • 983
    • ampopfilms
  5. Broderick Crawford narrates factual accounts of Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger and other '30s gangsters.

    • John Mcnaughton
  6. Folgeninhalt. Bei der Festnahme einiger Gangster, denen bewaffnete Raubüberfälle zur Last geöegt werden, stößt das "Team der Fünf" auf gestohlene Militärwaffen. Harrelson kommt dem Gangster Gino...

  7. 2. Juli 2011 · Filmed in 1935, “Dealers in Death” documentary film offers a contemporary view of the most important makers of armaments in the world at that time.