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    She was born to the prestigious Wallace family and grew up in luxury in a Victorian house on Delaware Street. She is best known for being the 33rd First Lady of the United States when her husband, Harry S. Truman, became President in 1945.

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    OCLC. 9440945. Dear Bess: The Letters from Harry to Bess Truman, 1910-1959 is a 1983 book edited by historian Robert Hugh Ferrell collecting more than 500 letters from U.S. president Harry S. Truman to his wife Bess, ranging from the couple's early courtship to his post-presidency retirement. [1]

  3. 28. Feb. 2020 · English. xii, 593 pages : 24 cm. This correspondence, which encompasses Truman's courtship of his wife, his service in the senate, his presidency, and after, reveals not only the character of Truman's mind but also a shrewd observer's view of American politics. Includes index.

  4. 1. Juli 1983 · This book of selected letters from President Harry Truman to his fiance and later wife Bess Wallace from 1910 to 1959 reflects his experiences in business, World War 1, post-war local, state, and later national politics ending in 1952. He later wrote books on his Presidency.

  5. The Greatest Presidential Love Story of All Time! Between 1910 and 1959, Harry and Bess Wallace Truman exchanged a series of letters that are absolutely remarkable, sharing their innermost thoughts on family, literature, current events, friends, and more.

  6. Selected from 1,268 letters discovered in Bess's house after her death in 1982, this extraordinary collection provides an inside look at Truman's life, his thoughts, and his dreams.

  7. Dear Bess : the letters from Harry to Bess Truman, 1910-1959 by Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972; Truman, Bess Wallace; Ferrell, Robert H