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  1. Vor 2 Tagen · The Epic-Length Finale of 'The Wire' Wraps Up Just About Everything. Long before the iconic HBO drama series Deadwood got a much-delayed feature-length conclusion in 2019 with Deadwood: The Movie ...

    • Jeremy Urquhart
    • Feature Writer/Senior List Writer
  2. Vor 4 Tagen · Deirdre Lovejoy (born June 30, 1962) is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Assistant State's Attorney Rhonda Pearlman on HBO’s The Wire. She also known for her roles as serial killer Heather Taffet (aka The Gravedigger) on the Fox series Bones, and United States Marshal Cynthia Panabaker on NBC series The Blacklist.

  3. Vor 2 Tagen · Wann läuft Bones – Die Knochenjägerin im TV? Hier finden Sie alle Informationen und Ausstrahlungstermine zu ATV2 - zweieinhalb Wochen im Voraus.

  4. Vor 4 Tagen · TV ( 2005 - 2012) • 802 total actors • TNT. The Closer is an American television crime drama series that follows the intense and dedicated work of Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, portrayed by Kyra Sedgwick. Sedgwick's portrayal of Johnson garnered critical acclaim and earned her numerous awards, including a Golden Globe.

  5. Vor 4 Tagen · Synopsis. On the drug-infested streets of West Baltimore, there are good guys and there are bad guys. Sometimes you need more than a badge to tell them apart. Season 1 follows a single sprawling drug and murder investigation in Baltimore — one that culminates in a complex series of dangerous wiretaps and surveillance.

  6. Vor 4 Tagen · Julian McMahon. as Christian Troy (100 episodes) Julian McMahon portrayed the character of Christian Troy. Christian is a charismatic and highly skilled plastic surgeon who is known for his womanizing ways. He is confident and ambitious, constantly seeking attention and validation. # 27. Most popular actor on Nip/Tuck.

  7. Vor 2 Tagen · I Am Elizabeth Smart. (2017) De 14-jarige Elizabeth wordt in juni 2002 door religieuze fanaat Brian David Mitchell uit haar huis in Salt Lake City ontvoerd. Met de hulp van zijn verknipte handlanger Wanda Barzee wordt Elizabeth opgesloten, uitgehongerd, gedrogeerd en verkracht. Zij onderwerpen haar aan bizarre religieuze rituelen tot ze negen ...