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  1. 17. Dez. 2020 · Here comes Dick (Lawrence Hodgson-Mullings), who has travelled hills, valleys and all three tiers to get from Leeds to London. And from inside a furry-seated toilet climbs dastardly Queen Rat...

  2. The story of povery stricken Dick Whittington travelling to London with a cat and finding fame and fortune has, like so many myths, some basis in truth. Richard Whittington was born at Pauntley in Gloucestershire in the 1350s and became Lord Mayor of London four times. His importance to the city was marked in 1959, approximately 600 years after his birth, when Harold Gillett, the Lord Mayor of ...

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    Dick verliebt sich in Alice, die schöne Tochter des Hauses, und freundet sich mit dem Gehilfen Idle Jack an. Doch der garstige King Rat – ein eingefleischter Katzenhasser – macht Dick einen Strich durch die Rechnung und schiebt ihm einen Diebstahl in die Schuhe. Dick muss sein neues Zuhause verlassen und steht wieder auf der Straße.

  4. Dick, a young boy hears wondrous tales of London, where the streets are paced with gold. At night he dreams of the capital. The next day he leaves his country home to see his fortune in London. He fails to find work at first and is almost starving when a wealthy sea-merchant takes him in as a cook's help. The cook takes an instant dislike to him and tortures him mercilessly. His garret is full ...

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  6. Dick Whittington and His Cat is the English folklore surrounding the real-life Richard Whittington (c. 1354–1423), wealthy merchant and later Lord Mayor of London. The legend describes his rise from poverty-stricken childhood with the fortune he made through the sale of his cat to a rat-infested country.

  7. Dick Whittington (TV film) Pohádka Česko, 1993, 74 min Režie: Vlasta Janečková Scénář: Helena Sýkorová Kamera: Milan Dostál Hudba: Vadim Petrov Hrají: Hana Igonda Ševčíková, Vladimír Brabec, Petr Štěpánek, Lubor Tokoš, Růžena Merunková, Martin Sobotka, Eduard Cupák, Jiří Zahajský, Antonín Molčík, Dana Hlaváčová, Pavel Mang, Vlastimil Zavřel ( více)