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  1. 9. Apr. 2024 · A center of weaving in the so-called Middle Ages, Gaza was known for its fine silk (qazz in Arabic) that was imported into Europe. The delicate covering now used to stimulate wound healing. 6. Well over 1,000 children have had at least one leg amputated since the bombings began. 7.

  2. 28. März 2024 · elif. Mar 28, 2024. ‘I Saw The TV Glow’ Review: Jane Schoenbrun’s Emotionally-Charged Second Feature Is A Queer Reflection on the Visceral Horror of Coming of Age in the Suburbs. A24. Jane Schoenbrun, visionary director behind 2021’s We’re All Going To The World’s Fair, delivers yet another mystifyingly disturbing account of the ...

  3. 9. Apr. 2024 · 09 Apr 2024 Margaret Harris. On the big screen: Crowds watching the eclipse at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, US. (Courtesy: John Harris) Physics World ’s office is a long way from the path of totality for yesterday’s solar eclipse, which covered a swathe of North America from the Pacific coast of Mexico to Newfoundland in Canada.

  4. 4. Apr. 2024 · News. A team of deep sea explorers visiting an extinct volcano found something resembling a golden egg 250 miles off the coast of southern Alaska. The discovery was made Wednesday, Aug. 30, as a NOAA Ocean Exploration team recorded video in “the deep abyssal depths of the Gulf of Alaska.”.

  5. 4. Apr. 2024 · The Gulf Research Center (GRC) is organizing a webinar on “The Crisis in Gaza and the Challenge of Regional Order in the Middle East” on March 13, 2024, 1:00-3:00 PM (Saudi Arabia time). Israel’s devastating response to the attacks of October 7 continues unabated, with nearly 30,000 Palestinians having been killed.

  6. 13. Apr. 2024 · Dispatches from Home – The “Why” of Titanic. Anthony Kalberg Apr 16, 2024 3 min read. In 1865, the Sultana, a Mississippi riverboat loaded with Civil War wounded, exploded and burned; over 1,500 died. In 1914, the Empress of Ireland collided with another ship; 1,012 died. In 1915, the Lusitania was torpedoed by a German submarine;….

  7. 29. März 2024 · A hydrogen pipeline from the Gulf region, which is set to become a global key producer of low-carbon hydrogen and its derivatives, to Europe appears to be a challenging but feasible initiative that would involve about EUR 28 billion (USD 30.57bn) in capital expenditure, a new study shows. A properly designed pipeline linking Qatar, Saudi Arabia ...