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  1. Doctor of Canon Law (Latin: Juris Canonici Doctor, JCD) is the doctoral-level terminal degree in the studies of canon law of the Roman Catholic Church. It can also be an honorary degree awarded by Anglican colleges. It may also be abbreviated ICD or dr.iur.can. (Iuris Canonici Doctor), ICDr, DCL, DCnl, DDC, or DCanL (Doctor of Canon ...

  2. part ii. the hierarchical constitution of the church. section i. the supreme authority of the church (cann. 330 - 367) chapter i. the roman pontiff and the college of bishops. art. 1. the roman pontiff; art. 2. the college of bishops ; chapter ii. the synod of bishops; chapter iii. the cardinals of the holy roman church; chapter iv. the roman curia

  3. The academic degrees in canon law are the J.C.B. (Iuris Canonici Baccalaureatus, Bachelor of Canon Law, normally taken as a graduate degree), J.C.L. (Iuris Canonici Licentiatus, Licentiate of Canon Law) and the J.C.D. (Iuris Canonici Doctor, Doctor of Canon Law), and those with a J.C.L. or higher are usually called "canonists" or ...

  4. Catholic canon law is the set of rules and principles (laws) by which the Catholic Church is governed, through enforcement by governmental authorities. [ clarification needed ] [ citation needed ] Law is also the field which concerns the creation and administration of laws.

  5. Canon law, the oldest continuously functioning legal system in the western world is the internal legal system of the Catholic Church. It affects, to one degree or another, virtually every aspect of Catholic life, sometimes much more intimately than many people realize; other times, though, much less directly than one might have otherwise thought.

  6. 23. Mai 2023 · A Vicar Forane, according to the 1983 Code of Canon Law, is appointed by the bishop to assist him in overseeing a group of parishes in a deanery and to provide oversight and support to the pastors in carrying out their duties

  7. Doctorate in Canon Law (J.C.D.) The Doctor of Canon Law is the terminal degree in the studies of canon law. A canon lawyer is a person trained in the universal law of the Church which is founded in the Code of Canon Law. The doctoral program consists of two distinct stages.