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  1. Dolly Sinatra (Italian pronunciation: [siˈnaːtra]; born Natalina Maria Vittoria Garaventa; [nataˈliːna maˈriːa ɡaraˈvɛnta]; December 26, 1896 – January 6, 1977) was an Italian-American homemaker, known as the mother of American singer Frank Sinatra.

  2. 9. Feb. 2017 · Frank Sinatras mother provided illegal abortions for Catholic Italian women. News. Feb 9, 2017 Goran Blazeski. It was December 12, 1915, when in an upstairs tenement in Hoboken, New Jersey, 19 years old Dolly Sinatra gave birth to a boy.

  3. On February 14, 1913, Sinatra eloped with Natalie Garaventa: 25 (also known as "Dolly"), in Jersey City, New Jersey, as Dolly's parents refused to host a wedding and did not approve of Marty, as he was illiterate, inferior at boxing, and was a Sicilian, whereas the Garaventa family were Ligurian.

  4. When Sinatra was six, his uncle Babe, Dolly's brother, was arrested for driving a getaway car after a Railway Express truck driver was murdered. Though Dolly attended his trial daily and attempted to evoke sympathy, her brother was convicted and sentenced to prison for 15 years. [34]

  5. 8. Nov. 2022 · In honor of Election Day, we’ve covered what you need to know about the valiant Dolly Sinatra and her championing of various women’s issues in Hoboken. The Head of the Household Long before Frank Sinatra became a household name, his mother made headlines.

  6. 2. Nov. 2003 · Nov. 2, 2003. If it's not exactly ''Call Me Ishmael,'' it's a classic all the same: ''Summer 1968. The only man in America who was less interested than me in sleeping with Mia Farrow was her...

  7. 26. Okt. 1997 · Dolly Sinatra, who had an immigrant’s faith in success, wanted her school-shy son to become some kind of powerful man. In time, of course, Sinatra seized more than power; he infiltrated the...