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  1. Dora Winifred Russell, Countess Russell, geborene Black (* 3. April 1894 in Thornton Heath; † 31. Mai 1986 in Porthcurno) war eine britische Autorin, Feministin und politische Aktivistin. Sie war von 1921 bis 1935 mit Bertrand Russell, 3. Earl Russell, verheiratet.

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    Author and social activist. Political party. Labour. Dora Winifred Russell, Countess Russell ( née Black; 3 April 1894 – 31 May 1986) was a British author, a feminist and socialist campaigner, and the second wife of the philosopher Bertrand Russell. She was a campaigner for contraception and peace.

  3. Dora Russell (née Black) was a writer, activist, and school founder: a feminist, pacifist, and a deeply eloquent humanist. Throughout her long life, Russell was committed to improving the world for others, driven not by any religious sense, but by an abiding belief in the value of humanity, and the individual’s role in creating positive change.

  4. 30. Apr. 2014 · April 30, 2014. “Woman loves sex and loves children.”. These six words, written in 1927 in The Right to Be Happy, sum up the passions that drove the life and politics of Dora Russell (1894–1986), British feminist, sex radical, progressive educator, peace activist, and second wife of the philosopher and mathematician Bertrand ...

  5. 1. Nov. 2005 · Dora Russell built a socialist politics concerned with class and gender inequality from the experience of the female body. She was inspired both by sympathy for the plight of working-class women and by utopian hopes for the emancipation of female sexuality and motherhood. In these ways, she struggled to find a place for the material ...

  6. Bertrand Russell and his wife at the time, Dora, promoted.3 e book also reveals a couple in crisis, whose ideals had proved impossible to real - ize in their life together.

  7. 2. Juni 1986 · Dora Russell, a social activist and the second of the philosopher Bertrand Russell's four wives, died of a stroke at her clifftop home in this Cornwall village. She was 92 years old. Mrs....