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  1. Vor 4 Tagen · Their short-lived relationship ended when he left her for actress Doris Dowling. [140] In 1945, after the release of her second film, Frontier Gal , De Carlo returned to Vancouver and attended a celebration held in her honor at her former workplace, the Palomar nightclub, where she was introduced to billionaire Howard Hughes .

  2. Vor einem Tag · Laura promises to give Boss Hogg and Sheriff Crabb the money contained in the strongbox, as long as she keeps the historic documents and other items of interest in it. Fortune hunter Stacy Williams (Doris Dowling) and her accomplice, Dr. James Fenwick (Whit Bissell), will stop at nothing to get to the strongbox first. The Dukes become involved ...

  3. 14. Mai 2024 · A widow (Doris Dowling) asks Paladin to protect her from her stepson, whom she says is threatening her business and her life. Featuring Burt Metcalfe.

  4. 26. Apr. 2024 · Kijk nu! Toen Johnny (Alan Ladd) terugkeerde van de marine, betrapte hij zijn vrouw (Doris Dowling) terwijl ze zijn vriend Eddie (de eigenaar van nachtclub 'The Blue Dahlia') kuste. Helen gaf toe dat ze alcoholproblemen had en verantwoordelijk was voor de dood van hun zoon.

  5. Vor 3 Tagen · Robert Coote, Nicholas Bruce, Doris Dowling, Micheál MacLiammóir, Fay Compton, Suzanne Cloutier, Hilton Edwards, Orson Welles, Michael Laurence. Produktionsjahr. 1952. Bildformat. 1.78:1;1.77:1;16:9. Label. White Pearl Classics. Gesamtlaufzeit. 93 Min. Altersfreigabe (FSK) Ab 16 Jahren. Deskriptoren. Unbekannt. Datenträger. Blu ...

  6. Vor 5 Tagen · E poi c'erano gli attori, bellissimi: Vittorio Gassmann, che raggiungeva la Veneria a bordo di una coupé bianca, dalla quale saltava fuori senza neanche aprire la portiera; Doris Dowling, star di ...

  7. 10. Mai 2024 · Ma ai visitatori suggeriamo di cercare scatti meno celebrati e più pacifici: Doris Dowling che legge il copione durante le riprese del film “Riso amaro” nelle campagne del Vercellese, 1950.