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  1. 30. Nov. 2023 · Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk has appealed for Kyiv to meet the demands of truckers, who want the EU to scrap rules introduced after the start of the war allowing Ukrainian drivers to ...

  2. Vor 4 Stunden · Long haul truck drivers spend an average of 12 hours per day on the road, driving valuable freight over long distances and spending months at a time on the road. Irregular schedules, long hours, little physical activity, limited access to healthy food on the road, and stress make healthy living a challenge for long-haul truck drivers.

  3. 30. Nov. 2023 · 30.11.2023 - Dubai, Nov. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - As COP 28 seeks to get commitments from countries and industries to drastically reduce emissions across all sectors, Full Truck Alliance (FTA ...

  4. This makes the drive fun. Yeah and what kills me is when people don’t have their lights on, so I can’t even see their tail lights right in front of me lol. Turn on your lights!!!!! 216K subscribers in the Truckers community.

  5. Vor 9 Stunden · President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called for faster construction of fortifications in key sectors under pressure from Russian forces, particularly in eastern Ukraine, focal point of Moscow's advances ...