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  1. Eddy erzeugte den typischen Duane Eddy-Twang, indem er die Leitmelodie auf den Bass-Saiten seiner E-Gitarre spielte und mit einer Kombination aus den Klangeffekten Tremolo, Echo und Hall arbeitete, die seinem Gitarrenspiel einen tiefen erdigen Klang verliehen. Ebenso wurde der Gitarrenklang auf Eddys Aufnahmen durch die Wahl seines Instruments beeinflusst. Zu Beginn seiner Laufbahn spielte ...

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    Duane Eddy (born April 26, 1938) is an American instrumental rock guitarist. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, he had a string of hit records produced by Lee Hazlewood, which were noted for their characteristically "twangy" sound, including "Rebel-'Rouser", "Peter Gunn", and "Because They're Young".

  3. Duane Eddy was born on April 26, 1938 in Corning, New York, USA. He is known for Natural Born Killers (1994), Broken Arrow (1996) and Forrest Gump (1994). He has been married to 'Deed Abbate' since December 17, 1979.

  4. The master of twang! Eddy had 5 Top 40 hits between 1958 and 1963, I think this track was one of the first, in 1958.

  5. Duane Eddy, have all used the 6120. Nuff said! This 1998 Duane Eddy Signature pays tribute to Duane's personal 1957 6120. It's hard to deny the classic beauty of this guitar - if you're into Rockabilly, this is a must have - though it can certainly cover more ground as evidenced by all the players who've used one over the years.

  6. Gretsch G6120TB-DE Limited Edition Duane Eddy Signature 6-String Bass Black Pearl. Used. In store now. or. $766.02 /mo with 6-month Financing. Share Tweet Pin it. Be the first to review! Used. In store now. or. $766.02 /mo with 6-month Financing To obtain ...

  7. 24.05.2019 · So popular was this, the first instrumental hit rock ever had, that it was taken back into the Top 40 that same year by Billy Vaughn and Ernie Freeman, and was the direct inspiration for Duane Eddy's "Rebel-'Rouser." Justis never duplicated its success himself, however, possibly because he didn't play the guitar. He was the one taking the ...