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  1. 12. Mai 2024 · 1.0 hour, 40 minutes. Synopsis. Following divorce from his wife and the loss of his son to a rare genetic mutation, Canadian geneticist Geoff Burton relocates to the harsh, wintry scenery of Dresden, Germany to work on groundbreaking new project that might just be his key to redemption.

  2. 14. Mai 2024 · Fantastic Voyage is a science-fiction film that was directed by Richard Fleischer and released in 1966. It is especially noted for its special effects, which were used to simulate a journey through the human body.

  3. Vor 6 Tagen · Errors of the Human Body: Eron Sheean Michael Eklund, Karoline Herfurth: Drama: German-American co-production Escape from Tibet: Maria Blumencron Hannah Herzsprung, David Lee McInnis, Yangzom Brauen: Drama: Swiss-German co-production Europas letzter Sommer Bernd Fischerauer

  4. 15. Mai 2024 · The film delves into themes of identity, self-discovery, and the ethical implications of creating human clones for nefarious purposes. With its cutting-edge visual effects and engaging storyline, Gemini Man is a gripping exploration of the consequences of playing god with human life.

  5. 17. Mai 2024 · Discover 43 intriguing and mind-blowing facts about the gripping sci-fi movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers, offering a deeper understanding of its plot, production, and cultural impact.

  6. 13. Mai 2024 · Every era has had its own distinctive ways of documenting the human body, from an ancient surgical treatise written in Egyptian hieroglyphics to Michelangelos Renaissance -era sketches of dissected corpses to Richard Fleischer ’s live-action film Fantastic Voyage, released in 1966.

  7. 1. Mai 2024 · Case in point, Tobe Hooper's ( Poltergeist , Texas Chain Saw Massacre) 1985 sci-fi horror film Lifeforce, in which the crew of a spacecraft discover a massive 150-mile-long alien ship in the shadow of Halley's Comet and bring back the three nude, humanoid forms they find there.