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  1. Evelyn Einstein (* 28. März 1941 in Chicago; † 13. April 2011 in Albany (Kalifornien)) war Albert Einsteins adoptierte Enkelin. Sie behauptete, sie sei eine Tochter von Albert Einstein . Einstein wurde nach ihrer Geburt von Hans Albert Einstein und dessen Frau Frieda geb. Knecht adoptiert.

  2. Evelyn Einstein (March 28, 1941 – April 13, 2011) was the adopted daughter of Hans Albert Einstein, the son of Albert Einstein.

  3. 15. Juli 2019 · Evelyn Einstein was the adopted daughter of Albert's eldest son, Hans Albert, and claimed to be his biological daughter. She faced insecurity, depression, and homelessness, and discovered her grandfather's love letters and illegitimate daughter.

    • Natasha Ishak
  4. 19. Apr. 2011 · Evelyn Einstein, whose tumultuous life as the granddaughter of Albert Einstein was both defined and limited by her distinguished lineage, died on Wednesday at her home in Albany, Calif. She was...

  5. Lieserl's existence was unknown to biographers until 1986, when a batch of letters between Albert and Mileva Marić was discovered by Hans Albert Einstein's daughter Evelyn. Marić had hoped for a girl, while Einstein would have preferred a boy. In their letters, they called the unborn child "Lieserl", when referring to a girl, or ...

  6. 28. Apr. 2011 · Evelyn Einstein died at 70 in 2011, after fighting for her grandfather's rights and reputation. She was adopted by Hans Albert Einstein, met him as a child, and protested the use of his image by Hebrew University.

  7. Evelyn Einstein was the adopted daughter of Albert Einstein's son Hans and claimed to be his illegitimate daughter. She discovered 500 letters that revealed his affair with Mileva Maric and sued for a share of his estate.