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  1. You can check your free baggage allowance in just a few steps with our baggage calculator – based on route, travel class and fare. There you’ll also find the prices and permitted maximum weight and dimensions for additional baggage and excess baggage.

  2. Premium Economy Class gilt ein Gepäckstück schwerer als 23 kg (bis max. 32 kg) und/oder größer als 158 cm (Breite X + Höhe Y + Tiefe Z in Summe bis max. 292 cm). In der Business / First Class gilt ein Gepäckstück größer als 158 cm bis max. 292 cm in Summe als Übergepäck. Buchung und Preise.

  3. Pre-purchase extra baggage online. Save up to 20% when you purchase additional baggage allowance up to 3hrs prior to departure directly through, Qatar Airways city/airport offices, and contact centers. All excess baggage preferred rates are per additional kg (2.2lb).

  4. Excess baggage. In the case of excess baggage there are a few things to bear in mind. You can find out all about this subject, as well as the flat rates, here. To excess baggage Sports baggage and special baggage. Whether snowboarding, surfing or golf, y ...

    • Pay For Additional Weight in Advance
    • Weigh as You Go
    • Pool Baggage with A Travel Buddy
    • Use Lightweight Luggage
    • Maximise Your Hand Luggage Allowance
    • Excess Baggage Fees by Airline
    • Want to Read More?

    It’s nearly always cheaper to book extra hold luggage in advance rather than paying excess baggage fees at the airport. Airlines know that keeping within weight/size limits is not always possible, so they encourage you to plan ahead by selling extra weight online. Sometimes, they offer up to 50% off what you would pay on departure. You can either b...

    Beat airline baggage fees by weighing as you pack, and you’ll have no nasty surprises at the airport. If your wheelie is looking decidedly stuffed the night before you travel, you could save yourself a pretty penny by double-checking the weight while you’ve still got time to take out your just-in-case layers and extra pair of shoes. Balancing a sui...

    If your overweight baggage doesn’t make it past the check-in desk, you can avoid excess baggage fees by collaborating with your partner/best friend/mum to spread the weight across your checked luggage.Ask the airline staff to weigh your bags together, and you might not even have to swap any of your stuff. If they’re being picky, just pop to the nea...

    When it comes to excess weight, your travel bags might be the culprit rather than your spare swimsuit.Older suitcases often have heavy frames which make a big dent in your total allowance. For example the average medium-sized suitcase weighs 4.1kg, while a lightweight model can weigh as little as 2.2kg. Upgrading to a lighter case, or swapping your...

    Another cunning way to avoid excess baggage fees is to make the most of your hand luggage allowance.Premium airlines like British Airways often allow you to bring two items on board, while budget airlines offer the ability to upgrade your in-cabin allowance to a larger bag that sits in the overhead locker. For example, if you upgrade your seat with...

    Note:Oversize or overweight baggage may be classed as cargo and subject to further fees if exceeding airline max weight restrictions. Fees vary according to route and/or destination. Information correct as of 7 March 2023. Please always check the latest guidance before booking a trip.

  5. Finden Sie alle Infos zu Gebühren, die bei zu schwerem, zu grossem oder zusätzlichem Gepäck anfallen. Die Kosten variieren nach Buchungsklasse und Strecke.

  6. Gegenstände, die größer als 300 cm sind (Länge + Breite + Höhe) Mehr als 10 Aufgabegepäckstücke pro Passagier. Zerbrechliches Gepäck. Häufig gestellte Fragen. Alles öffnen. Wie viel kostet zusätzliches Gepäck auf KLM-Flügen? Ein zusätzliches Gepäckstück (bis 23 kg) kostet: zwischen 25 EUR und 75 EUR auf Flügen innerhalb Europas;