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  1. Falciani's Tax Bomb: The Man Behind the Swiss Leaks. Over the last ten years, a series of leaks of financial data have made politicians and public opinion in many Western democracies increasingly concerned about the tax optimisation practices of the wealthiest members of their society.

  2. 6. Juli 2015 · Falciani's Tax BombThe Man Behind Swiss Leaks (90 min version)Director: Ben Lewis90' & 52'In distributionThis feature documentary film explores the controver...

  3. Falciani's Tax Bomb The Man Behind Swiss Leaks. Director: Ben Lewis 90' & 52' In distribution. This feature documentary film explores the controversy over banking privacy and tax evasion brought to light by the data theft from HSBC by banker Hervé Falciani. Direct access to Hervé Falciani, Interviews with key players across Europe and America ...

  4. Kostenlos HD Leihen 2,99€ Etwas stimmt nicht? Lass es uns wissen. Inhalt Der investigative Dokumentarfilm ist ein Finanz- und Polit-Thriller rund um die Story des Whistleblowers Hervé Falciani. Der ehemalige HSBC-Mitarbeiter spielte Frankreich im Jahr 2008 Daten von über 100.000 privaten Nummernkonten zu.

  5. The investigative documentary "Falciani's Tax Bomb" follows the tracks of the charismatic yet obscure whistleblower Herve Falciani who--being responsible for the so-called Swiss Leaks--caused the biggest bank data theft in the history of HSBC Bank.

  6. In 2008, Hervé Falciani left his job at the Swiss branch of HSBC, taking with him - without authorisation - a hard-drive containing a database of 130,000 named bank accounts, held by citizens ...

  7. Falciani's tax bomb : the man behind the Swiss leaks Responsibility a GebruederBeetz filmproduktion and Polar Star Films production ; in co-production with SWR [and others] ; directed by Ben Lewis