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  1. 4. Juli 2024 · Das sind die 10 besten Filme von Nicole Kidman: "Lion - Der lange Weg nach Hause" – 4,108 von 5 Sternen. "Eyes Wide Shut" – 4,069 von 5 Sternen. "Moulin Rouge!" – 4,042 von 5 Sternen. "The Hours...

  2. 3. Juli 2024 · The films on this list are the most famous PG mysteries for teens of all time, many of which are streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime, so use it to find some family-friendly flicks that you haven't seen already if you're a fan of mysteries and want to be able to watch them with your kids.

  3. 3. Juli 2024 · Bei den englischsprachigen Filmen hat es in dieser Woche die romantische Komödie „A Family Affair“ mit Zac Efron und Nicole Kidman auf den ersten Platz der Global-Top-Ten von Netflix geschafft.

  4. 2. Juli 2024 · Wie offensiv "A Family Affair" das Thema Altersunterschied angeht, zeigt auch der ursprüngliche Titel. "Er hieß 'Motherfucker'", verrät Efron. "Irgendwie hat es das nicht zu Netflix geschafft", wundert sich Nicole Kidman ironisch. Allerdings machte der ursprüngliche Titel die Stars überaus neugierig auf den Inhalt des Drehbuchs.

  5. 3. Juli 2024 · This curated list features the best movies about an affair, exploring the complexities and passions of secret romances. From the intense emotions of Brokeback Mountain to the intricate relationships in The English Patient, these films offer a diverse range of stories about clandestine love.

  6. 3. Juli 2024 · This thrilling family adventure film sees two siblings being thrust into the world of espionage when their secret-agent parents are kidnapped by an evil mastermind. The brother-sister duo rely on their wits, ingenuity, and close bond as they work together to rescue their parents and save the day. Through its action-packed plot and ...

  7. 5. Juli 2024 · In this documentary, Polley turns the focus inward, using her own family as both subject and storyteller. The film navigates through the perspectives of her father, siblings, and close friends to unearth the complex layers of her family's past. Polley paints a moving portrait of a family grappling with buried truths and unresolved legacies.