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  1. 12. Nov. 2023 · Ella Fitzgerald. November 12, 2023. The song "Fine and Mellow" by Ella Fitzgerald touches on themes of love, mistreatment, and the complicated nature of relationships. The lyrics express the singer's experience with a partner who does not love or treat them well.

  2. 18. Nov. 2023 · Winner gets a used but in great condition promo CD (1991 Fantasy). The CD has some scuffs but it plays like brand new. The inserts are in great shape. $4.50 s h-USA, $17-Canada, $22-elsewhere. Thanx God bless

  3. 12. Nov. 2023 · November 12, 2023. "Fine and Mellow" by Billie Holiday is an emotionally charged song that delves into the complexities of love and relationships. The lyrics convey a sense of pain, mistreatment, and longing, but also touch upon the transformative power of love.

  4. 6. Nov. 2023 · Ruth Brown. November 6, 2023. "5-10-15 Stunden" von Ruth Brown ist ein lebendiges Liebeslied, das den starken Wunsch und die Dringlichkeit der Sängerin ausdrückt, mit ihrer Geliebten zusammen zu sein. Die Texte vermitteln ein Gefühl von Sehnsucht und Hingabe und betonen die Tiefe ihrer Liebe und die Bereitschaft, alles zu tun, um ...

  5. 12. Nov. 2023 · The song "Fine and Mellow" by Hurray for the Riff Raff reflects the pain and sadness of an unhealthy and unfulfilling relationship. The narrator expresses deep dissatisfaction in her partner, who mistreats and neglects her. She describes her man as the lowest she has ever encountered, emphasizing the magnitude of his mistreatment.

  6. 20. Nov. 2023 · © 2023 Google LLC Billie Holiday - "Fine AND Mellow (June 25, 1944)" (Disk 1-16) from "Perfect Complete Collection Box"ビリー・ホリデイビリー・ホリデイの1937年から1959年までの全てのライブを網羅したコンプリート作品Please...

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  7. 21. Nov. 2023 · Learn about Ruth Brown the singer and examine her life and accomplishments. Read about Ruth Brown's songs, her career in music, and her impact on music history. Updated: 11/21/2023.