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  1. Januar 1846 in Clapham; † 18. September 1924 in Oxford [1]) war ein englischer Philosoph und bedeutender Vertreter des Britischen Idealismus . Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben. 2 Lehre. 3 Werke. 4 Literatur. 5 Weblinks. 6 Einzelnachweise. Leben.

  2. Francis Herbert Bradley OM (30 January 1846 – 18 September 1924) was a British idealist philosopher. His most important work was Appearance and Reality (1893).

  3. 9. Mai 1996 · First published Thu May 9, 1996; substantive revision Tue Feb 23, 2021. F. H. Bradley (1846–1924) was the most famous, original and philosophically influential of the British Idealists. These philosophers came to prominence in the closing decades of the nineteenth century, but their effect on British philosophy and society at large ...

  4. Francis Herbert Bradley. Born: January 30, 1846, Clapham, Surrey, England. Died: September 18, 1924, Oxford (aged 78) Notable Works: “Appearance and Reality: A Metaphysical Essay” “Ethical Studies” “The Principles of Logic” (Show more)

  5. Francis Herbert Bradleys Moral and Political Philosophy. First published Wed Jan 12, 2011; substantive revision Fri Feb 9, 2018. The ethical writings of the Oxford Idealists, T. H. Green and F. H. Bradley, reflect the influence of Kant and Hegel on English moral philosophy in the latter part of the Nineteenth Century.

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    Francis Herbert Bradley (geboren am 30. Januar 1846 in Clapham; gestorben am 18. September 1924 in Oxford) war ein englischer Philosoph und bedeutender Vertreter des Britischen Idealismus. Als Hauptwerk Bradleys gilt der Essay Erscheinung und Realität (1893). Bradleys Wirkung im 20.

  7. Francis Herbert Bradley was born in 1846 into a very large family that included the celebrated Shakespearean critic, A.C. Bradley. Having studied at Oxford University, F. H. Bradley was awarded in 1870 a Fellowship at Merton College, where he remained until his death in 1924. He was not required to teach and did not do so. The dominant ...