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  1. Frank Nitti (* 27. Januar 1888 in Angri, Provinz Salerno; † 19. März 1943 in North Riverside, Illinois; eigentlich Francesco Raffaele Nitto) war ein italo-amerikanischer Mafioso des Chicago Outfit. Als Nachfolger des legendären Al Capone wurde er dessen mutmaßliches Oberhaupt.

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    Frank Ralph Nitto [2] (born Francesco Raffaele Nitto, Italian: [franˈtʃesko raffaˈɛːle ˈnitto]; January 27, 1886 – March 19, 1943), known as Frank Nitti, was an Italian-American organized crime figure based in Chicago.

  3. Frank Nitti was an American gangster in Chicago who was Al Capones chief enforcer and inherited Capone’s criminal empire when Capone went to prison in 1931. Starting as a barber, Nitti became a fence for stolen goods and about 1920 joined Capone’s gang. He was sent to prison for 18 months after.

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  4. 6. Apr. 2024 · Learn about the life and crimes of Frank Nitti, the feared mobster who rose from bootlegging to extortion and became the leader of the Chicago Outfit. Discover how he survived multiple attempts on his life, made millions from Hollywood, and died in mysterious circumstances.

  5. 9. Aug. 2021 · The article recounts the true story of how Frank Nitti, the successor of Al Capone as the Chicago mob boss, committed suicide in 1943. It contrasts the facts with the Hollywood version of his death in the movie "The Untouchables".

  6. Frank Nitti, friend of notorious gangster Al Capone, went from struggling breadwinner to leading one of the country's most powerful organized crime groups. ...more. 1920's Chicago – the ...

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  7. 21. Feb. 2021 · Mobsters: Frank Nitti - Full Episode (S2, E5) | A&E. The Nitti family settled in Brooklyn, but by 1920, Frank had moved to Chicago. He quickly started fencing stolen jewelry, and eventually...

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