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  1. Francis Wayne Sinatra, noto come Frank Sinatra Jr. (Jersey City, 10 gennaio 1944 – Daytona Beach, 16 marzo 2016) è stato un cantante e attore statunitense, secondogenito di Frank Sinatra e di Nancy Barbato, prima moglie di The Voice

  2. Comme d'habitude è un brano musicale interpretato da Claude François e scritta dal cantautore con Jacques Revaux per la musica e con Gilles Thibaut per il testo; François la incise anche in italiano con un testo di Andrea Lo Vecchio e il titolo Come sempre.

  3. › wiki › Gay_TaleseGay Talese - Wikipedia

    During his junior year, Talese became the sports editor for the campus newspaper, Crimson-White, and started a column he dubbed "Sports Gay-zing", for which he wrote on November 7, 1951: Rhythmic "Sixty Minute Man" emanated from the Supe Store juke box and Larry (The Maestro) Chiodetti beat against the table like mad in keeping time with the jumpy tempo.

  4. Frank Vincent Zappa (b. 21 Dec 1940, Baltimore, MD) began to play drums at the age of 12, and was playing in R&B groups by high school, switching to guitar at 18. After barely graduating from high school, and then dropping out of junior college (where he met his first wife, Kay Sherman), Zappa worked at such jobs as window dresser, copywriter and door-to-door sales,an. With the money he earned ...

  5. 2010: Sinatra Club – Der Club der Gangster: Low-Budget-Film über den jungen John Gotti, der versucht die derzeit verfeindeten Fünf Familien bei einem gemeinsamen Überfall zu vereinigen. 2011: Bulletproof Gangster : Film über das Leben von Danny Greene und dessen Konflikte mit der Mafia in Cleveland und der Gambino-Familie.

  6. 22.09.2022 · Frank Sinatra is remembered and celebrated in the one-man musical memoir, “My Sinatra” by Cary Hoffman. A hit off-Broadway show and a National PBS television special, Hoffman will perform his ...

  7. Something Lyrics: Something in the way she moves / Attracts me like no other lover / Something in the way she woos me / I don't want to leave her now / You know I believe and how / Somewhere in her

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