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  1. Vor einem Tag · "Free as a Bird (2015 Mix)" (Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Richard Starkey) Filmed for the premiere (and aired as a part) of the documentary The Beatles Anthology on 19 November 1995.

  2. Vor einem Tag · This included the recording of two new Beatles songs built around solo vocal and piano tapes recorded by Lennon as well as lengthy interviews about the Beatles' career. Released in December 1995, "Free as a Bird" was the first new Beatles single since 1970. In March 1996, they released a second single, "Real Love".

  3. 1. Dez. 2023 · The Beatles break the record for the most time between a first appearance on Adult Alternative Airplay and a first No. 1, as “Free as a Bird” ranked on the inaugural chart, dated Jan. 20, 1996.

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    Vor 22 Stunden · Rolling Stone ranked him the fifth-greatest singer and 38th greatest artist of all time. He was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame (in 1997) and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (twice, as a member of the Beatles in 1988 and as a solo artist in 1994). Early years: 1940–1956 Lennon's home at 251 Menlove Avenue

  5. 30. Nov. 2023 · On Nov. 2, the Beatles released a new song, the first release since “Real Love” and “Free as a Bird,” which were released as part of the Beatles Anthology album. These two songs, released in 1995 and 1996, were based on old demo tapes by the late John Lennon who recorded them in the 1970s.

  6. 1. Dez. 2023 · Helping restore two unfinished John Lennon songs, Lynne was tasked with putting together some of The Beatles’ final tracks like ‘Free As a Bird’ and ‘Real Love’. Although Lynne had a great love of everything Fab, he always preferred listening to Harrison’s slide guitar more than anything else.

  7. 2. Dez. 2023 · 441 upvotes · 36 comments. r/VintageTV. "The Wild Wild West" Opening (1968) Despite solid ratings, TWWW was cancelled by CBS after four seasons as a concession to Congress' concerns over television violence. The distinctive animated opening was directed by noted "Looney Tunes" and "Merrie Melodies" alumnus Friz Freleng. youtube.