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  1. Vor 23 Stunden · Israeli airstrikes have killed at least 15 people including women and children overnight in Gaza. That's according to hospital officials and a body count by an Associated Press journalist on

  2. Vor 23 Stunden · e. The People's Liberation Army Rocket Force, [a] formerly the Second Artillery Corps, [b] is the strategic and tactical missile force of the People's Republic of China. The PLARF is the 4th branch of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and controls China's arsenal of land-based ballistic, hypersonic, cruise missiles—both nuclear and conventional.

  3. Vor 23 Stunden · Authorized User and Bankruptcy. My daughter due to some unfortunate situations (loss of job, car accident no insurance, hospital stay etc) has ended up in a world of debt (charge offs, collections etc) her only recourse out of this is filing Bankruptcy for a fresh start, she's young 23 years old. She is an Authorized User on 2 of my accounts.

  4. Vor 23 Stunden · WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden dropped out of the 2024 race for the White House on Sunday, ending his bid for reelection following a disastrous debate with Donald Trump that raised doubts ...

  5. Vor 23 Stunden · My first one is 2 and a half already. I was so excited when I was pregnant with him. My pregnancy was so easy and I was so happy most of the time, he turned out to be the easiest baby and sweetest toddler (of course he gets a tantrum here and there but in general he’s been such a joy). We were thinking...

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