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  1. 26. Juni 2024 · Der Film "Ghostbusters - Die Geisterjäger" schlug an der Kinokasse ein wie der Blitz. Er nahm rund das Zehnfache seines Budgets von 30 Millionen Dollar ein und war somit einer der kommerziell ...

  2. 27. Juni 2024 · Riteish Deshmukh: ‘Quirky ghost-hunter with modern gadgets’. Exploring his first horror comedy with Kakuda, Riteish says director Sarpotdar has given modern twist to his character unlike ...

  3. 26. Juni 2024 · The fourth season of the American television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., based on the Marvel Comics spy organization S.H.I.E.L.D., follows Phil Coulson and other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and allies after the signing of the Sokovia Accords. It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and acknowledges the continuity of the franchise's films.

  4. 26. Juni 2024 · Palaye Royale has announced a new album called Death or Glory.. The fifth full-length effort from the “Dead to Me” rockers will arrive Aug. 30. It’s the follow-up to 2022’s Fever Dream, which spawned the singles “No Love in LA,” “Lifeless Stars” and “Broken.”

  5. 27. Juni 2024 · 「攻殻機動隊」Ghost in the Shell A futuristic, police/noir thriller, set around the mid-21st Century, dealing with the reality of corporate power structures, and cyber terrorism, against a backdrop of technological advancement, and transhumanist cyberisation, in a Neo-Japanese state.

  6. 27. Juni 2024 · Paul Stanley Now Promotes Gene Simmons Solo Band, But Fans Want To See Him Instead. Bihter Sevinc June 27, 20242 mins read. Fans want to see Paul Stanley on stage. The rocker recently posted on X to promote the Milwaukee concert of Gene Simmons’ band, writing: “If you’re going to be anywhere near Milwaukee, you DON’T want to miss this!”.

  7. 26. Juni 2024 · Ghost whisperer - S05 E05 - Cheval de Troie. Melinda vient en aide à d’Eli dans le traitement d'un patient qui souffre de paranoïa. Cet informaticien de génie a développé des logiciels qui ...