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  1. Glenn Theodore Seaborg war ein US-amerikanischer Chemiker und Kernphysiker. Er war an der Entdeckung der Elemente Plutonium, Americium, Curium, Berkelium, Californium, Einsteinium, Fermium, Mendelevium, Nobelium und des nach ihm benannten Seaborgium beteiligt. Für seine Arbeiten zur Isolierung und Identifizierung von Transuranen ...

  2. Glenn Theodore Seaborg ( / ˈsiːbɔːrɡ / SEE-borg; April 19, 1912 – February 25, 1999) was an American chemist whose involvement in the synthesis, discovery and investigation of ten transuranium elements earned him a share of the 1951 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. [3]

  3. Biographical. Glenn Theodore Seaborg was born in Ishpeming, Michigan, on April 19, 1912. At the age of 10 he moved with his family to California, in 1929 he graduated at David Starr Jordan High School in Los Angeles as valedictorian of his class.

  4. 25. Feb. 1999 · Glenn Theodore Seaborg The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1951 . Born: 19 April 1912, Ishpeming, MI, USA . Died: 25 February 1999, Lafayette, CA, USA . Affiliation at the time of the award: University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA . Prize motivation: “for their discoveries in the chemistry of the transuranium elements” Prize share: 1/2

  5. Glenn T. Seaborg, American nuclear chemist best known for his work on isolating and identifying transuranium elements (those heavier than uranium). He shared the 1951 Nobel Prize for Chemistry with Edwin Mattison McMillan for their independent discoveries of transuranium elements.

  6. His accomplishments include: Research scientist, discoverer of countless atomic isotopes and 10 elements, including plutonium and the element that now bears his name, seaborgium. Section head in the top-secret Manhattan Project. Chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley.

  7. Glenn T. Seaborg Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Glenn T. Seaborg was born in Ishpeming, Michigan, on April 19, 1912, of Swedish ancestry. His father, Herman Theodore Seaborg, was the son of Swedish immigrants; his mother, the former Selma Olive Erickson had come to the United States from Grängesberg, Sweden. When he was ten, his family moved ...