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  1. Vor einem Tag · Numerous stage and film adaptations followed in the subsequent decades. Gatsby continues to attract popular and scholarly attention. Scholars emphasize the novel's treatment of social class , inherited versus self-made wealth , gender , race , and environmentalism , and its cynical attitude towards the American Dream .

    • F. Scott Fitzgerald
    • April 10, 1925
  2. Vor einem Tag · Iwan Babuschkin (Иван Бабушкин) (TV-Vierteiler) Alexei Scharkow. 1985. Johann Sebastian Bach. Johann Sebastian Bach (TV-Vierteiler) Ulrich Thein. 1985. Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. Friedemann Bach.

  3. Vor einem Tag · Plot In 1941, SS-Standartenführer Hans Landa interrogates French farmer Perrier LaPadite, suspecting that the LaPadites are hiding a Jewish family, the Dreyfuses, under their floorboards. LaPadite confirms this to spare his own family, and Landa has the hidden family shot, but allows Shosanna Dreyfus to escape. [9]

  4. Vor einem Tag · RTL: Punkt 6, Punkt 7, Punkt 8, Good Times, Bad Times, Unter uns, Ulrich Wetzel – Das Strafgericht, Barbara Salesch – Das Strafgericht, Punkt 12 – Das RTL-Mittagsjournal, Barbara Salesch – Das Strafgericht, Ulrich Wetzel – Das Strafgericht, Verklag mich doch!, Unter uns, Explosiv – Das Magazin, Exclusiv – Das Starmagazin, RTL Aktuell, RTL Aktuell – Das Wetter, Klima Update ...

  5. Vor 14 Stunden · Vikrant Massey opens up about being told he is not a good looking guy with biceps and how he used that anger to prove people wrong. Read more about his journey in the film industry.

  6. Vor 4 Stunden · Found by a married couple Jonathan and Martha Kent, who are astonished when the infant lifts their truck, they adopt him, naming him Clark. As he grows, hiding his powers, Jonathan believes Clark was sent to Earth for a special purpose. After Jonathan dies from a heart attack, a teenage Clark discovers a green crystal in his spacecraft's remains.

  7. Vor 4 Stunden · Which Awards Did Oppenheimer Win at the Golden Globes 2024? - NBC. Jan 8, 2024 Oppenheimer at the Golden Globes: Nolan's Biopic Wins For Best Drama, Director, Stars and More The atomic bomb thriller also nabbed prizes for Best Director and Best Original Score, as well...