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  1. Let’s get this as an octane skin for the next Halloween event. Discussion . I think this would be an awesome skin just have to get the team up with Marvel 🤗.

  2. Vor 7 Stunden · On Halloween in 2022 Cleo was rushed to hospital after an incident at Foxlea nursery, a mainstream nursery that she also attends two days a week. The nursery reviewed CCTV footage which showed a ...

  3. Movies that feel like this song. Song: Insomnia by Memo Boy. I'm looking for movies that are particularly fall/halloween movies. In saw some TikTok sounds using this song that gave some nostalgic/cozy halloween feel and was looking for some movies that can match that. Also don't shy away from slasher flicks and things like that.

  4. Vor 7 Stunden · Edwin Simon-Osorio was shot dead following an altercation that spiraled out of control during a Halloween celebration. Now, 17-year-old Alan Peregrino faces murder charges, as reported by IndyStar ...

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