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  1. Hans Albrecht Bethe war ein deutsch-amerikanischer Physiker und Nobelpreisträger für Physik.

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    Hans Albrecht Bethe (German pronunciation: [ˈhans ˈbeːtə] ⓘ; July 2, 1906 – March 6, 2005) was a German-American theoretical physicist who made major contributions to nuclear physics, astrophysics, quantum electrodynamics, and solid-state physics, and who won the 1967 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the theory of ...

  3. Bethe’s main work is concerned with the theory of atomic nuclei. Together with Peierls, he developed a theory of the deuteron in 1934 which he extended in 1949. He resolved some contradictions in the nuclear mass scale in 1935. He studied the theory of nuclear reactions in 1935-1938, predicting many reaction cross sections. In connection with ...

  4. 17. Apr. 2024 · Hans Bethe was a German-born American theoretical physicist who helped shape quantum physics and increased the understanding of the atomic processes responsible for the properties of matter and of the forces governing the structures of atomic nuclei. He received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1967.

  5. 6. März 2005 · Hans Albrecht Bethe The Nobel Prize in Physics 1967 . Born: 2 July 1906, Strasbourg, Germany (now France) Died: 6 March 2005, Ithaca, NY, USA . Affiliation at the time of the award: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA

  6. 7. März 2005 · Der deutsch-amerikanische Physiker Hans Bethe ist im Alter von 98 Jahren in den USA gestorben. Bethe war maßgeblich an der Entwicklung der Atom- wie der Wasserstoffbombe beteiligt. Für...

  7. 8. März 2005 · Der deutsch-amerikanische Physiker Hans Bethe ist am Sonntag im Alter von 98 Jahren in Ithaca (USA) gestorben. Bethe hatte 1967 den Nobelpreis für Physik für seine Theorie zur Energieerzeugung in Sternen erhalten.

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