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  1. Harry Lloyd Hopkins (* 17. August 1890 in Sioux City , Iowa ; † 29. Januar 1946 in New York , New York ) war einer der wichtigsten Ratgeber des US-amerikanischen Präsidenten Franklin D. Roosevelt .

  2. Harold "Harry" Lloyd Hopkins (August 17, 1890 – January 29, 1946) was an American statesman, public administrator, and presidential advisor. A trusted deputy to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt , Hopkins directed New Deal relief programs before serving as the eighth United States secretary of commerce from 1938 to 1940 and as ...

  3. 12. Juni 2006 · Born in 1890 in Sioux City, Iowa, Harry Hopkins grew up imbued with traditional Midwestern values of self-reliance, thrift, and pragmatism. At Grinnell College, he studied American politics and the British Parliamentary system.

  4. 25. Feb. 2021 · Harry Hopkins is justly celebrated as one of the most important diplomats of the 20th century. Yet for the role, he lacked schooling and travel and was hopelessly unpolished. Hopkins’ expertise was not diplomacy but relief programs of America’s post-Depression era.

  5. Literatur. Harry Lloyd Hopkins war einer der wichtigsten Ratgeber des US-amerikanischen Präsidenten Franklin D. Roosevelt. Sein Name ist besonders verknüpft mit dem New Deal ab 1933, dem Leih- und Pachtgesetz und der Unterstützung Roosevelts bei den großen Kriegskonferenzen im Zweiten Weltkrieg.

  6. During the war years, Hopkins acted as FDR's unofficial emissary to Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin, as administrator of Lend-Lease, and as the shadowy figure behind Roosevelt at the Big Three conferences. Hopkins died in early 1946, succumbing to a long and debilitating illness.

  7. The distinguished life and career of Harry Lloyd Hopkins in the first half of the 20th century lay at the core of major social changes that defined modern America in the latter 20th and early 21st centuries. Hopkins began his career as a 22-year-old social worker in the ghettos of New York.