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  1. Oktober 1926 in Los Angeles, Kalifornien; † 12. November 1993 in Santa Barbara, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer Politiker und Stabschef des Weißen Hauses unter Präsident Richard Nixon. Seine beiden Vornamen wurden in der Öffentlichkeit zumeist abgekürzt verwendet.

  2. Harry Robbins "Bob" Haldeman (October 27, 1926 – November 12, 1993) was an American political aide and businessman, best known for his service as White House Chief of Staff to President Richard Nixon and his consequent involvement in the Watergate scandal.

  3. Harry Robbins Haldeman. Byname: Bob Haldeman. Born: October 27, 1926, Los Angeles, California, U.S. Died: November 12, 1993, Santa Barbara, California (aged 67) Political Affiliation: Republican Party. Role In: Watergate scandal.

  4. Haldeman, a former advertising executive who was credited with remaking Nixon's image in his successful 1968 campaign for the White House, served 18...

  5. 13. Nov. 1993 · H. R. Haldeman, who spent 18 months in prison for his involvement in the Watergate scandal but said he believed his role as President Richard M. Nixon's chief of staff was the "mountaintop...

  6. Haldeman, H (arry) R (obbins) (b. 27 October 1926 in Los Angeles, California; d. 12 November 1993 in Santa Barbara, California), advertising executive who became chief of staff to President Richard M. Nixon and who was deeply implicated in the Watergate affair. Source for information on Haldeman, H (arry) R (obbins): The Scribner Encyclopedia ...

  7. 15. Aug. 2016 · On November 18, 2009, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) announced that it had convened a forensic document examination team to study two pages of the handwritten notes of Harry Robbins (H. R.) Haldeman, a chief of staff to President Richard M. Nixon, 1969-1973.