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  1. Heatwaves, or heat and hot weather that can last for several days, can have a significant impact on society, including a rise in heat-related deaths. Heatwaves are among the most dangerous of natural hazards, but rarely receive adequate attention because their death tolls and destruction are not always immediately obvious.

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    A heat wave is a period of abnormally hot weather, often defined by a relative temperature threshold or a duration index. It can have complex effects on human health, economy and infrastructure. Learn about the causes, symptoms, prevention and examples of heat waves from different regions and climates.

  3. 25. Juli 2023 · Heat waves are one of the deadliest natural hazards. More than 61,000 people died of heat-related deaths during Europe’s record-breaking heat wave last year, ...

  4. 23. Nov. 2023 · Heat wave, period of prolonged abnormally high surface temperatures relative to those normally expected. Heat waves may span several days to several weeks and are significant causes of weather-related mortality, affecting developed and developing countries alike. Globally, the increasing frequency.

    • John P. Rafferty
  5. 10. Juli 2023 · CNN —. Nearly 62,000 people died heat-related deaths last year during Europe’s hottest summer on record, a new study has found — more heartbreaking evidence that heat is a silent killer, and ...

    • Rachel Ramirez
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