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  1. Vor 4 Tagen · Helmut Josef Michael Kohl (3 April 1930 – 16 June 2017) was a German politician of the CDU party. He was the last Chancellor of West Germany , and he stayed in office after reunification as the first Chancellor of a united Germany.

  2. 16. Juni 2017 · Helmut Kohl, the long-serving German leader who reunified his country after the fall of the Berlin Wall and championed Europe’s integration, died on Friday at 87. Kohl served as chancellor — first of West Germany and then of unified Germany — from 1982 until 1998, a 16-year term in office not seen since Bismarck.

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    Helmut Michael Kohl was born April 3, 1930, the third child of Hans and Cacilie Kohl. The Kohls were conservative and felt great pride in their country. Both parents were Roman Catholic; they took their faith seriously, and family was very important to them. They voted, as long as it was possible to cast a free vote, for the Catholic Centre Party o...

    Helmut Kohl returned to school when his city returned to some normalcy in the summer of 1946. He was student body president, participated in many extracurricular activities, and became a member of a political party called the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Graduating from high school in 1950, Kohl went on to the University of Frankfurt and then ...

    Although he was working full-time, Kohl was already very active in the CDU. After the war, the CDU was a political party with no paid positions. One could not make a living from politics, so having a professional career was important. However, political affairs fascinated Kohl, and he gave most of his energy to politics. He was elected to the state...

    In his first government address as chancellor, Kohl stressed that his foreign policy would rest on Germany's alliance with the United States and cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). NATO began as a military alliance of Western European nations and the United States and Canada; the alliance was formed in 1949 to contain co...

    Helmut Kohl's hard-line views on nuclear systems and his basic anti-Soviet position, in which he endorsed a unified and integrated Europe free of communist influence, had made him an unpopular figure in Moscow. In a Newsweek magazine interview, Kohl actually compared the public relations efforts of new Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev (1931–; see...

    In 1989, rebellion against communist rule spread from one Eastern European nation to another as the populations took advantage of new reforms introduced by Gorbachev and the Soviets that allowed for greater freedoms of expression. In October 1989, public demonstrations against the East Germany communist leaders grew, which led to their resignation ...


    Bering, Henrik. Helmut Kohl.Washington, DC: Regnery Publishing, 1999. Clemens, Clay, and William Paterson. The Kohl Chancellorship.Portland, OR: Frank Cass, 1998. Muchler, Gunter, and Klaus Hofmann. Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of German Unity: A Biography.Bonn, Germany: Press Information Office of the Federal Government, 1992. Smyser, W. R. From Yalta to Berlin: The Cold War Struggle over Germany. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1999. Sodaro, Michael J. Moscow, Germany, and the West from Khrushchev...

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    "Newsmakers: Helmut Kohl." ABC News. (accessed on April 2, 2003). "Newsmaker Profiles: Helmut Kohl, German Chancellor." CNN Interactive. (accessed on April 2, 2003).

    The world was stunned when the Berlin Wall went up on August 13, 1961. In the previous seven months, approximately two hundred thousand East Germans had abandoned most of their belongings and headed to the western sectors of Berlin. The East German economy could not afford the continued loss in population. In order to stop the flow, Soviet leader N...

  3. Vor 17 Stunden · Gerhard Fritz Kurt " Gerd " Schröder ( German: [ˈɡeːɐ̯haʁt fʁɪts kʊʁt ˈʃʁøːdɐ] ( listen); born 7 April 1944) is a German lobbyist and former politician, who served as the chancellor of Germany from 1998 to 2005. From 1999 to 2004, he was also the Leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD).

  4. Vor einem Tag · März 1944 in Landau an der Isar) ist eine deutsche Schauspielerin und Sängerin. Sie wurde 1966 als Apanatschi in Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi bekannt. Ihren endgültigen Durchbruch hatte sie 1968 als Barbara in der Filmkomödie Zur Sache, Schätzchen. Sie ist Mitgründerin des gemeinnützigen Vereines brotZeit e.V. Inhaltsverzeichnis

  5. 24. März 2023 · Der frühere Kanzler Kohl nannte die damals noch junge Angelika Merkel großzügig gönnerhaft „mein Mädchen“. Vieleicht sollte Scholz mal „sein Mädchen“ Baerbock, ungeachtet der verschiedenen...

  6. Helmut Kohl earned his place in history by securing the successful reunification of Germany after the collapse of communism. His 16 years in office made him the longest-serving German chancellor since Bismarck and he was once described as the greatest European leader in the second half of the 20th Century.

  1. wurde im letzten Monat von mehr als 1.000.000 Nutzern besucht

    Erhalten auf Amazon Angebote für biographie helmut kohl. Entdecken Tausende Produkte. Lesen Kundenbewertungen und finden Bestseller

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