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  1. Henri Kardinal de Lubac Geist aus der Geschichte Das Schriftverständnis von Origenes Übertragen und eingeleitet von Hans Urs von Balthasar 2 2023, 522 Seiten, gebunden € 52.- / CHF 78.- ISBN 978 3 89411 160 1 . Henri de Lubacs «Geist aus der Geschich ...

  2. According to de Lubac, a theological hermeneutics of human existence receives its contemporary urgency from the church’s confrontation with modern atheism. The exigency of the church’s apologetics is not, of course, a distinctly modern phenomenon. The church’s beliefs have never ceased to elicit opposition, and every age witnesses “the ...

  3. 10. Feb. 2023 · Henri de Lubac SJ (1896-1991) was a major influence on the Second Vatican Council and on theologians such as Hans Urs von Balthasar and Joseph Ratzinger, with whom he founded the journal Communio. In 1942, he and some fellow Jesuits founded Sources chrétiennes , a series that publishes the original text of patristic and medieval Christian writings alongside a French translation.

  4. June 22, 2023 — This past April, French bishops voted to open the sainthood cause of 20th century Jesuit theologian Henri de Lubac. If you had a time machine and went back to the 1950s and told Fr. de Lubac this news, he probably wouldn’t believe you. In those years, the church was so nervous about de Lubac’s scholarship that he was ...

  5. 1. Mai 1998 · Henri de Lubac's criticism of the overdetermined neo-scholasticism of his day may not seem particularly relevant today, but nothing could be further from the truth. With his careful use of Scripture, patristics, and medieval writers, de Lubac reminds us all that the mysteries of the Christian faith, the supernatural, are best understood gifts and best explained as paradoxes. Though post-modern ...

  6. 16. Aug. 2021 · One of my central aims in Henri de Lubac and the Drama of Human Existence is to demonstrate the extent to which de Lubac need only have gestured in the direction of his own body of writing. As I seek to demonstrate throughout the book, de Lubac’s entire oeuvre is shot-through with this hermeneutical enterprise. From his inaugural lecture in ...

  7. Henri de Lubac, teljes nevén: Henri-Marie Joseph Sonier de Lubac ( Cambrai, 1896. február 20. – Párizs, 1991. szeptember 4.) francia jezsuita pap, bíboros, a katolikus egyházban egyike a 20. század befolyásos teológusainak, aki kulcsszerepet játszott a II. vatikáni zsinaton .