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  1. Nancy Sandra Sinatra (* 8. Juni 1940 in Jersey City , New Jersey ) ist eine US-amerikanische Sängerin und Schauspielerin . Ihre größten Erfolge hatte sie in den 1960er Jahren mit Songs wie These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ sowie den Duetten Summer Wine mit Lee Hazlewood und Somethin’ Stupid mit ihrem Vater Frank Sinatra .

  2. Frank Sinatras politisches und soziales Engagement begann bereits in den 1940er Jahren, als er die Präsidentschaft von Franklin D. Roosevelt unterstützte (wofür ihn Teile der republikanischen Presse den Crooner des New Deal nannten) und sich mit seinem Oscar-prämierten Kurzfilm The House I Live In (1945) gegen die damals noch vorherrschende Rassentrennung in seiner Heimat aussprach.

  3. 14.06.2020 · In 2015, Sinatra got caught up in a rumor about her father and actress Mia Farrow. Two years before, Farrow had claimed that Nancy's father, Frank, was possibly the father of her son, Ronan. Farrow and Frank had been married briefly for two years before they split.

  4. 02.04.2022 · Back in the 60s, artists used to cover each other's singles left, right, and center. For example, the iconic Aretha Franklin song, "Respect," was originally recorded by Otis Redding two years prior to her 1967 hit. As for Nancy Sinatra, her 1966 tune, "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)," was a Cher original released that same year.

  5. Hazlewood had Sinatra sing in a lower key and crafted songs for her. Bolstered by an image overhaul – including bleached-blond hair, frosted lips, heavy eye makeup and Carnaby Street fashions – Sinatra made her mark on the American (and British) music scene in early 1966 with "These Boots Are Made for Walkin', " its title inspired by a line from Robert Aldrich's 1963 western comedy 4 for ...

  6. 09.10.2022 · You might think that Nancy Sinatra was always destined for stardom because of her incredibly famous father, Frank. However, after signing to his label Reprise Records in 1961, it was only four years before they threatened to drop Sinatra due to her lack of success.

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