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  1. 23. Nov. 2023 · As a basic reflection on the nature of philosophy as a science, they combine transcendental, identity and ages of the world philosophy with the philosophy of mythology and revelation which was brought forth later in Munich and Berlin.

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    26. Nov. 2023 · Auflistung von Büchern zum Thema: Schelling, F.W.J. 4.) Bruno oder über das göttliche und natürliche Prinzip der Dinge [Philosophische Bibliothek] Manfred Durner (Herausgeber), Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling (Autor)

  3. Vor 3 Tagen · Formative years Stuttgart, Tübingen, Berne, Frankfurt (1770–1800) The birthplace of Hegel in Stuttgart, which now houses the Hegel Museum Hegel was born on 27 August 1770 in Stuttgart, capital of the Duchy of Württemberg in the Holy Roman Empire (now, southwestern Germany).

  4. 28. Nov. 2023 · Almost all philosophers (and many non-philosophers) recognize the fundamental importance of the Phenomenology of Spirit... But Hegel's way of thinking and speaking — which he names, “speculative” —needs explaining.

  5. 4. Dez. 2023 · Download Citation | Wittgenstein on Realism and Idealism | This Element concerns Wittgenstein's evolving attitude toward the opposition between realism and idealism in philosophy. Despite the ...

  6. 15. Nov. 2023 · Weltalter-Fragmente by Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling, 2002, Frommann-Holzboog edition, in German / Deutsch

  7. Vor 2 Tagen · In 1805, Heinrich drowned in a canal near their home in Hamburg. Although it was possible that his death was accidental, his wife and son believed that it was suicide. He was prone to and , each becoming more pronounced later in his life. [18] Heinrich had become so fussy, even his wife started to doubt his mental health.