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  1. 5. Juli 2024 · Luke Wilson's 2006 science fiction cult comedy Idiocracy gets an intriguing sequel update from the star, complete with potential plot details. Idiocracy grossed just $495,000. Screen Rant

  2. 5. Juli 2024 · Idiocracy. Spielfilm. Alternativ-Titel: Idiocracy - Irrsinn stirbt nie. Synchronfirma: FFS Film- & Fernseh-Synchron GmbH, München. Dialogbuch: Cay-Michael Wolf. Dialogregie: Cay-Michael Wolf.

  3. 5. Juli 2024 · Bedeutung. „Idiokrasie“, bereitgestellt durch das Digitale Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache, <>, abgerufen am 18.06.2024. Weitere Informationen ….

  4. 6. Juli 2024 · Idiocracy star Luke Wilson recently dropped hints about the part 2, claiming that he has been discussing the sequel with original director Mike Judge. Mike Judge’s classic directorial, Idiocracy, remains a beloved gem among cinema lovers as its story was way ahead of its time. Starring Luke Wilson as Joe, the film follows his character waking ...

  5. 5. Juli 2024 · Luke Wilson’s 2006 sci-fi film Idiocracy has been making headlines in the past few months for its potential sequel. The actor has now shared a major update on the second film in the franchise ...

  6. 6. Juli 2024 · Luke Wilson has revealed he has an idea for a sequel to his 2006 comedy Idiocracy, and he has been trying to get director Mike Judge to make it. Beavis and Butt-Head c reator Judge has directed ...

  7. 5. Juli 2024 · Three factors fuel the green craze: Low interest rates + cheap commodities + elite morons = zero carbon emissions by 2050. The sum of the three variables is indeed equal to zero; however, it is equal to zero sanity. Much of the "green" energy industry only exists because of three factors.

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