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  1. 6. Okt. 2022 · In a Land That No Longer Exists: Directed by Aelrun Goette. With Marlene Burow, Sabin Tambrea, David Schütter, Claudia Michelsen. The cover model of an East German fashion magazine is tempted by a photographer she falls in love with, to flee to to the West.

  2. 10. Okt. 2022 · When 18-year-old Suzie bursts into the New Wave-soaked fashion scene of East Germany, it doesn’t take long for the state police to take interest. Nothing is private, nothing...

  3. Overview. It's 1989 in East Berlin: Suzie is kicked out of school shortly before she graduates from high school and has to defend herself as a worker in the cable factory. However, a randomly taken photo leads them to the fashion world of the GDR.

  4. 10. Okt. 2022 · Munich-based sales agency Beta Cinema has launched the international trailer (below) for “In a Land That No Longer Exists,” which has its international premiere on Oct. 21 in the competition...

  5. Gibt es In einem Land, das es nicht mehr gibt auf Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+? Jetzt online Stream legal finden!

  6. In A Land That No Longer Exists. Based on true events and personal experiences, Aelrun Goettes film centres on the 18-year-old Suzie, who is thrown headfirst into the vibrant fashion scene in communist East Germany when a photo of her ends up on the cover of Sibylle, the Vogue of the East.

  7. 26. Okt. 2022 · In a Land that No Longer Exists. by Davide Abbatescianni. 26/10/2022 - Despite the presence of a decent cast and an appealing setting, Aelrun Goettes coming-of-age romcom gets bogged down in too many clichés inherent to the two genres.