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  1. Its Easier to Cry - "The Shangri-Las" - (Steinberg/Jackson/De Angelis)They said forget about him,Youre better off without him,Go out and find yourself anot... Its Easier to Cry - "The Shangri-Las ...

    • 2 Min.
    • 63,7K
    • Brent441
  2. Explore It's Easier to Cry by The Shangri-Las. Get track information, read reviews, listen to it streaming, and more at AllMusic.

  3. No, No, Its easier to cry (Ooh) They say stop thinking 'bout him, (Ooh) You really didn't love him, He was just something you had to try. But I miss him so, I can't forget him No, No it's easier to cry. Ah Ah, Ah Ah They say no use in crying, A girls got to keep on trying, But if he doesn't come back, I'll just die. 'Cause I need him so, I can ...

  4. Easy to Cry Lyrics. Mother said that the tears of a woman. Were never meant to be shared by a man. I was taught that the man was a survivor. Shelter woman and to give her what he can. That's the ...

  5. What’s a game that hit you right in the feels and/or made you cry at some point? I just finished Gears Of War 3 and got to Dom’s sacrifice. I figured with knowing what happens, it would make it easier and the answer is no. Still bawled like a baby. Any other games that hit you right in the feels? Vote 1 Gaming 1 comment Best Add a Comment