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  1. 2. Feb. 2023 · Currently, the gender composition of the Europol Management Board is as follows: MB members: 20 men and 7 women. MB alternate members: 23 men and 4 women. Overall, the current proportion of women on the Europol Management Board is 11 out of 54 members (20.3%). Decision of the Management Board adopting rules for the prevention and management of ...

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    Vor 19 Stunden · Elected to the presidency of the Second Republic in 1848, he seized power by force in 1851, when he could not constitutionally be reelected; he later proclaimed himself Emperor of the French. He founded the Second Empire, reigning until the defeat of the French Army and his capture by Prussia and its allies at the Battle of Sedan in 1870.

  3. 4. Feb. 2023 · In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte, who was only twenty-eight at the time, led the most daring military campaign of his already impressive life. When he left for Egypt, he had 335 ships and 40,000 soldiers. He had a group of scholars, artists, scientists, and inventors with him. Like everything Napoleon ever did, this plan was full of unrelenting ambition, heroic romanticism, and a little bit of crazy.

  4. 17. Apr. 2020 · Juni 1815 stattfand, zog nach der militärischen Niederlage des französischen Herrschers Napoleon Bonapartes in den Koalitionskriegen die Grenzen Europas neu. Unter der Leitung des Österreichers Fürst von Metternich berieten Vertreter aus rund 200 europäischen Staaten und Gebietskörperschaften, wie der Kontinent machtpolitisch neu geordnet wird. Neben vielen anderen Beschlüssen setzte ...

  5. 3. Feb. 2023 · Conférences proposées par Jean- François KOVAR : 2 mars : 1814, la Campagne de France - 9 mars : Napoléon à l'Ile d'Elbe - 16 mars : les Cents jours - 23 mars : Lucien Bonaparte - 30 mars : Jérôme Bonaparte -6 avril : Joachim Murat - 13 avril : Napoléon à Sainte-Hélène. Du 02 Mars 2023 au 13 Avril 2023

  6. 3. Feb. 2023 · JEROME BONAPARTE , ROI DE WESTPHALIE ( 1784 1860 ) Aggiungi ai Preferiti Invia come e-Card Incorpora nel tuo sito ESPLORA Trova tutte le opere d'arte simili su Tutti i 52 dipinti di Antoine-Jean Gros (Baron Gros) Antoine-Jean Gros (Baron Gros) Media : olio Antoine-Jean Gros (Baron Gros) Slide show Antoine-Jean Gros (Baron Gros)

  7. 1. Feb. 2023 · Prince Napoleon Joseph Charles Paul Bonaparte (1822-1891) was the son of King Jerome (Bonaparte) and Queen Catherine of Westphalia. He became the de facto head of the House of Bonaparte from 1879 to 1891. He was not considered a legitimate pretender to the throne by several Bonapartists. The reason was because his father's previous marriage to ...