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  1. Jérôme Napoléon und Susan hatten zwei Söhne: Charles Joseph Bonaparte und Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte II. Von Jérôme Napoléon Bonaparte-Patterson stammte die amerikanische Linie der Familie Bonaparte ab. Weblinks. Hessische Landesausstellung 2008 "König Lustik!? Jérôme Bonaparte und der Modellstaat Königreich Westphalen" im Museum ...

  2. Find a Grave Memorial ID: 41659425. Sponsored by James Burn. Source citation. Having inherited a fortune, Jerome Napoleon Charles Bonaparte never had a job or practiced a profession. He ended his rather useless existence in Central Park. Walking his wife's dog he stumbled over its leash and broke his neck.

  3. They had two sons: Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte II (1830–1893), who served as an officer in the armies of both the United States and France, and Charles Joseph Bonaparte (1851–1921), who became the United States Attorney General and Secretary of the Navy, and also created the Bureau of Investigation, which was later rechristened the Federal ...

  4. Jérôme-Napoléon Bonaparte II (1830-1893), officier dans l'US Army puis colonel dans l'armée française sous Napoléon III, Charles Joseph Bonaparte (1851-1921), qui sera secrétaire à la Marine puis procureur général dans le cabinet du président Theodore Roosevelt et créera le Bureau Of Investigation (B.O.I.), ancêtre du F.B.I.

  5. Coat of Arms of Charles Joseph Bonaparte Bonaparte was born in Baltimore, Maryland , on June 9, 1851, the son of Jérôme ("Bo") Napoleon Bonaparte (1805–1870), and Susan May Williams (1812–1881), from whom the American line of the Bonaparte family descended, and a grandson of Jérôme Bonaparte , King of Westphalia , the youngest brother of French emperor Napoleon .

  6. 18. Apr. 2024 · Jérôme Bonaparte (born November 15, 1784, Ajaccio, Corsica—died June 24, 1860, Villegenis, France) was Napoleon I ’s youngest brother, who became king of Westphalia and marshal of France. It was through Jérôme that the Bonaparte line extended into the United States; his eldest son, Jerome, grew up in Maryland with his American mother.

  7. Napoleon annullerede deres ægteskab, men de havde en søn, Jérôme Napoleon Bonaparte, født i Camberwell, Surrey, England. Jérôme Bonaparte blev udnævnt til konge af den tyske stat Westfalen (1807-1813) med hovedstad i Kassel og giftede sig anden gang med prinsesse Katharina af Württemberg , som han fik en søn med, Napoléon Joseph Charles Paul Bonaparte (1822-1891), også kendt som ...