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  1. James Edward Meade (* 23. Juni 1907 in Swanage; † 22. Dezember 1995 in Cambridge) war ein britischer Ökonom. Zusammen mit Bertil Gotthard Ohlin erhielt er 1977 den Alfred-Nobel-Gedächtnispreis für Wirtschaftswissenschaften für ihren wegweisenden Beitrag zur Theorie der internationalen Handels- und Kapitalbewegungen. [1] Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben.

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    James Edward Meade (23 June 1907 – 22 December 1995) was a British economist who made major contributions to the theory of international trade and welfare economics. Along with Richard Kahn , James Meade helped develop the concept of the Keynesian multiplier while participating in the Cambridge circus .

  3. 22. Dez. 1995 · James E. Meade. The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1977. Born: 23 June 1907, Swanage, United Kingdom. Died: 22 December 1995, Cambridge, United Kingdom. Affiliation at the time of the award: University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

  4. 25. März 2024 · Subjects Of Study: balance of payments. international trade. James Edward Meade (born June 23, 1907, Swanage, Dorset, Eng.—died Dec. 22, 1995, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire) was a British economist whose work on international economic policy procured him (with Bertil Ohlin) the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1977.

  5. James E. Meade Biographical . B orn on 23 June 1907, I was brought up in the City of Bath in England. At school – Lambrook School (1917-1921) and Malvern College (1917-1926) – my education was concentrated on the Latin and Greek languages. At the university – Oriel College, Oxford (1926-1930) – I continued my classical education until ...

  6. 1. Jan. 2018 · James Meade was one of the truly great economists of the 20th century. He was profoundly internationalist in his outlook, and was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 1977, jointly with Bertil Ohlin, for The Theory of International Economic Policy (1951–5).

  7. James Meade received the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (jointly) in 1977 for a path-breaking contribution to the theory of international trade and international capital movements. Meade taught at LSE from 1947 to 1957 and was a professor of commerce concentrating on international trade.