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  1. Bob Marley [bɒb ˈmɑː(ɹ)li] (* 6. Februar 1945 in Nine Miles, Saint Ann Parish; † 11. Mai 1981 in Miami, Florida; eigentlich Robert Nesta Marley, ab März 1981 Berhane Selassie) war ein jamaikanischer Reggae-Sänger, Gitarrist, Songwriter sowie Aktivist und gilt als bedeutendster Vertreter und Mitbegründer der Reggae-Musik, die durch ihn und seine Band The Wailers ab Mitte der 1970er ...

  2. Mit Brunell, Offensive Lineman Tony Boselli, Runningback James Stewart und Wide Receiver Jimmy Smith befanden sich im Kader der Jaguars mehrere Spieler, die am Erfolg in den folgenden vier Saisons maßgeblichen Anteil hatten. Das erste Spiel der Regular Season, das sie mit 3:10 gegen die Houston Oilers verloren, spielten die Jaguars am 3.

  3. Note: Jimmy Fallon officially announced he will become the 6th host of The Tonight Show. Don't Quote Me, Giant Quarters – Fallon Vs. Dancy: 812: April 4, 2013 () Melissa McCarthy, Chris Jericho: Ryan Bingham: Late Night Hashtags – #whydonttheymakethat, Jimmy's Corner, Pictionary – Fallon Vs. McCarthy: 813: April 5, 2013 ()

  4. Jonathan Stevens Jackson (born May 11, 1982) is an American actor, musician, and author. He is best known for his role as Lucky Spencer in the television soap opera General Hospital (1993–1999, 2009–2011, 2015), which won him five Daytime Emmy Awards.

  5. Jimmy comes to the station, seemingly upset that Trish has fallen off a cliff and is stuck. Wakefield reveals to Abby that she is in fact the reason behind the killings, and that he really loved her mother. He reveals that Abby's mother gave Wakefield's son up for adoption, but Wakefield found him. Meanwhile, Jimmy, Henry, Abby, and Sully go off to rescue Trish, who they find unharmed. Trish ...

  6. King of the Hill is an American animated sitcom created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels. The main characters are Hank Hill, Peggy Hill, Bobby Hill, Dale Gribble, Bill Dauterive, Jeff Boomhauer, Luanne Platter, Nancy Gribble, Joseph Gribble, Kahn Souphanousinphone, Minh Souphanousinphone, Connie Souphanousinphone, John Redcorn, Cotton Hill, Lucky Kleinschmidt, and Buck Strickland.

  7. Michael Bowen Jr. is an American actor. He is best known for portraying Nicolas Cage 's romantic rival, Tommy, in the cult classic Valley Girl (1983), Danny Pickett on the ABC series Lost , and Jack Welker on the AMC series Breaking Bad .