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  2. Joe & Mabel: Mit Nita Talbot, Norman Fell, Larry Blyden, Oscar Homolka Joe's a big city cab driver, and Mabel is his steady gal. Joe plans on marrying Mabel "someday", but Mabel is looking for something a little sooner.

  3. Joe and Mabel is an American comedy series about a cab driver and his girlfriend [1] that began as a 1940s radio program [2] and was later broadcast as a television series during portions of 1955 and 1956.

  4. S1.E11 ∙ Mabel's Voice. Tue, Sep 4, 1956. Mabel becomes jealous of a girl singer on television that captures Joe's rapt attention, so she decides to secretly take up singing lessons with a run-down instructor with the unlikely name of Caruso. Joe misunderstands the new man in her life and a blow-up ensues.

  5. Tue, Jul 10, 1956. After a big robbery, Joe is convinced the gunman got in his cab, and is scared he'll return to silence him. He seems to keep seeing him everywhere and is a nervous wreck. Mable convinces him to go down to the Police station and try to find his picture in the mug shots. Rate.

  6. Joe and Mabel. 1 9 5 6 (USA) 13 x 30 minute episodes. Premiering on CBS on 26 June 1956, this summer show was the story of New York cab driver Joe Spartan (Larry Blyden). Each episode began and ended with Joe, in his taxi (cab number 124) addressing us in the rearview mirror as if we were sitting in the backseat.

  7. Joe and Mabel was a Syndication network sitcom series written by Irving Gaynor Nieman. The radio version of the series originally aired on Syndication from February 13, 1941 to September 27, 1942; the TV version aired on Syndication from June 26 to September 25, 1956. The series centered on city...