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  1. John J. Curulewski (October 3, 1950 – February 13, 1988) was an American musician who was one of the original members of Styx. Career Curulewski's grave at St. Benedict Catholic Cemetery. In 1969, Curulewski joined the Chicago-based band TW4, featuring college friends Dennis DeYoung, Chuck Panozzo, and John Panozzo.

  2. The album marked the final appearance of original Styx guitarist John Curulewski who left the band to spend time with his family. Tommy Shaw replaced him. Although Equinox stalled at number 58, it was certified Gold in 1977 shortly before the release of The Grand Illusion (1977).

  3. The four albums contained in this compilation (plus Styx's fifth album, Equinox) were recorded with original singer/songwriter/guitarist John Curulewski and feature a harder, eclectic, and more progressive sound when compared to subsequent albums that included Curulewski's replacement, singer/songwriter/guitarist Tommy Shaw.

  4. 22. Apr. 2020 · Guitarist John Curulewski, bassist Glen Burtnik and keyboardist Lawrence Gowan have each had moments in the spotlight, while guest contributors include actor Billy Bob Thornton and comedy-rock...

  5. 23. Jan. 2017 · DeYoung: I wrote my choruses, and from the beginning—with J.Y. Young and our original guitar player, J.C. (John Curulewski)—when the three of us sang high, it sounded like no one else. That was the most unique thing I thought of the early Styx sound, was the three of us singing. So every song I wrote, I wrote with the band in ...

  6. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the members of Styx at the time of the Wooden Nickel label signing, as seen in the above vintage of-era photo, were, from left to right: bassist Chuck Panozzo, drummer John Panozzo, guitarist/vocalist John “J.C.” Curulewski, keyboardist/vocalist Dennis DeYoung, and the aforementioned James “JY” Young.

  7. Our 10 essential Styx songs list dives into the music of the legendary progressive rock band from Chicago that found mainstream success during the 1970s and 1980s.