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    John Glover Roberts Jr. (born January 27, 1955) is an American jurist who has served since 2005 as the 17th chief justice of the United States. He has been described as having a moderate conservative judicial philosophy , though he is primarily an institutionalist.

  2. John Glover Roberts, Jr. ist ein US-amerikanischer Jurist. Er ist seit dem 29. September 2005 Chief Justice of the United States und damit Leiter der Bundesgerichte und Vorsitzender des Obersten Gerichtshofs der Vereinigten Staaten.

  3. 12. Juli 2024 · John Roberts Makes His Bid for Infamy. The most important takeaway from the Supreme Court’s decision in Trump v. United States is that Chief Justice John Roberts, with the approval of his ...

  4. John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States, was born in Buffalo, New York, January 27, 1955. He married Jane Sullivan in 1996 and they have two children - Josephine and Jack. He received an A.B. from Harvard College in 1976 and a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1979.

  5. 2. Apr. 2014 · John Roberts became Chief Justice of the United States after he was nominated by President George W. Bush in 2005.

  6. 8. Juli 2024 · John G. Roberts, Jr., 17th chief justice of the United States Supreme Court. Nominated as chief justice by President George W. Bush, he was confirmed by the Senate in September 2005. He was known as an institutionalist who promoted a view of the Court as a neutral arbiter above ideology and partisan politics.

  7. 11. Juni 2024 · Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., once close allies, have embraced starkly different conceptions of the judicial role.

  8. 29. Apr. 2024 · Oral arguments serve a crucial role at the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts said last week at Georgetown University. But they are not always what they seem.

  9. 2. Juli 2024 · Chief Justice John Roberts is so enamored with the image of a bold and fearless American president that he abandoned his usual restraint and declared a stunning level of immunity for a former...

  10. Read about how U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts got to the Court, including his education, career, and confirmation process.