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  1. Karl XV. 1865. Karl XV. (vollständiger Name Karl Ludvig Eugen Bernadotte; * 3. Mai 1826 im Stockholmer Schloss, Stockholm; † 18. September 1872 in Malmö) war von 1859 bis 1872 König von Schweden und als Karl IV. König von Norwegen. Er führte die Regierungsgeschäfte bereits ab dem 25. September 1857 als Kronprinz, nachdem sein Vater ...

    • 3. Mai 1826
    • König von Schweden (1859-1872)
    • Stockholm
    • Karl XV.
  2. › wiki › Karl_XVKarl XV – Wikipedia

    Karl XV, Carl Ludvig Eugen, född 3 maj 1826 på Stockholms slott i Stockholm [1], död 18 september 1872 på residenset i Malmö [2], var kung av Sverige och Norge från 8 juli 1859 och fram till sin död 1872.

    • 3 maj 1860 i Stockholm
    • Oscar II
    • 8 juli 1859–18 september 1872, (13 år och 72 dagar)
    • Oscar I
  3. › wiki › Charles_XVCharles XV - Wikipedia

    Charles XV or Carl (Carl Ludvig Eugen; Swedish and Norwegian officially: Karl; 3 May 1826 – 18 September 1872) was King of Sweden and Norway, there often referred to as Charles IV, from 8 July 1859 until his death in 1872. Charles was the third Swedish monarch from the House of Bernadotte.

  4. › the-bernadotte-dynasty › karl-xvKarl XV | Kungahuset

    Karl XV, 1826–1872. King from 1859 to 1872. Motto: By law the land shall be built. Karl Ludvig Eugen was born in May 1826 at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. He was the oldest of five children of Oskar (I) and Josefina of Leuchtenberg.

  5. Karl XV., vollständiger Name Karl Ludvig Eugen Bernadotte (* 3. Mai 1826 in Stockholm; † 18. September 1872 in Malmö) war König von Schweden und als Karl IV. König von Norwegen von 1859 bis 1872. Er führte die Regierungsgeschäfte bereits als Kronprinz ab dem 25. September 1857, nachdem sein Vater schwer erkrankt war.

  6. Karl XV was a very popular king, but he failed to assert personal royal power. During his reign, he lost so much of the power wielded by his father and grandfather that it could never be regained by his successors. Karl XV had artistic inclinations, and his art collection included about 500 paintings which he donated to the state. Karl XV ...

  7. 21. Feb. 2024 · Charles XV was the king of Sweden and Norway from 1859 to 1872 (called Karl IV in Norway). Succeeding his father, Oscar I, Charles was an intelligent and artistically inclined ruler much liked in both kingdoms. The royal power, however, was considerably reduced during his reign as the Riksdag