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  1. Ken Takakura ( japanisch 高倉 健 Takakura Ken; * 16. Februar 1931 in Nakama, Präfektur Fukuoka als Gōichi Oda ( 小田 剛一, Oda Gōichi ); † 10. November 2014 in Tokio) war ein japanischer Schauspieler, bekannt alsjapanischer Clint Eastwood “.

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    Ken Takakura (Japanese: 高倉 健, Hepburn: Takakura Ken), born Goichi Oda (小田 剛一, Oda Gōichi, February 16, 1931 – November 10, 2014), was a Japanese actor and singer who appeared in over 200 films.

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  3. Ken Takakura (高 たか 倉 くら 健 けん, Takakura Ken?), also known as Okarun (オカルン,?), is the main male protagonist of the manga series Dandadan. He is an occult fanatic, mainly a believer in aliens and UFOS, who was living an introverted school life until he met Momo Ayase from school.

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    Ken Takakura was a Japanese actor best known for his brooding style and the stoic, honorable presence he brought to his roles. Known as the "Clint Eastwood" of Japan, Takakura gained his streetwise swagger and tough guy persona watching yakuza turf battles over the lucrative black market and racketeering in postwar Fukuoka. This subject was ...

    • January 1, 1
    • Nakama, Fukuoka, Japan
    • January 1, 1
    • Tokyo, Japan
  5. 19. Nov. 2014 · Ken Takakura, who became a star playing outlaws and stoic heroes in scores of Japanese films, died on Nov. 10 in Tokyo. He was 83. His office said he died at a hospital where he...

  6. Ken Takakura was a Japanese actor known for his roles in gangster films, war films and comedies. He starred in The Yakuza, Black Rain, Mr. Baseball and Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles, among others.

  7. Learn about the life and career of Ken Takakura, a Japanese actor known as the "Clint Eastwood" of Japan. He starred in over 180 films, including The Yakuza, Black Rain and Mr. Baseball.