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  1. Kissinger Associates, Inc. is a New York City-based international geopolitical consulting firm, founded and run by Henry Kissinger since 1982. The firm assists its clients in identifying strategic partners and investment opportunities and advising them on government relations

  2. Kissinger helps you drive business growth with integrated solutions that are built for your industry and implemented by ERP industry experts.

  3. Henry Alfred Kissinger was sworn in on September 22, 1973, as the 56th Secretary of State, a position he held until January 20, 1977. He also served as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs from January 20, 1969, until November 3, 1975. In July 1983 he was appointed by President Reagan to chair the National Bipartisan Commission on Central America until it ceased operation ...

  4. Henry Alfred Kissinger (* 27. Mai 1923 in Fürth, als Heinz Alfred Kissinger) ist ein deutsch-US-amerikanischer Politikwissenschaftler und ehemaliger Politiker der Republikanischen Partei. Der Deutschamerikaner Kissinger spielte in der A ...

  5. Henry Alfred Kissinger, [n. 1] registrado al nacer como Heinz Alfred Kissinger (Fürth, Baviera, 27 de mayo de 1923), es un político estadounidense de origen judeoalemán que tuvo una gran influencia sobre la política internacional, no solo de Estados Unidos con respecto a los demás países, sino también sobre otras naciones.

  6. Henry Kissinger, nato Heinz Alfred Kissinger (Fürth, 27 maggio 1923), è un politico e diplomatico tedesco naturalizzato statunitense. Membro del Partito Repubblicano , fu Consigliere per la sicurezza nazionale e Segretario di Stato degli Stati Uniti durante le presidenze di Richard Nixon e di Gerald Ford tra il 1969 e il 1977.

  7. He received the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Medal of Liberty, among other awards. He is the author of numerous books and articles on foreign policy and diplomacy, including most recently On China and World Order. He is currently chairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc., an international consulting firm.