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    Bachelor- und Master-Studium flexibel abends und am Wochenende. Ein Studium an der FOM: flexibel, praxisnah und persönlich. Jetzt informieren.


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  1. 건국대학교 대표 영문. fnctId=imageSlide,fnctNo=1242. 비주얼 ( 4 개) Konkuk University holds 2024 first semester graduation ceremony. Konkuk University students who will shine like snow We wish you a bright future ahead. more view. For new and current students‘2024 Konkuk University Guidebook’ published. For new and current ...

  2. Learn about Konkuk University, a prestigious institution in Korea with diverse academic programs and campuses in Seoul and Chungju.

  3. Konkuk University (Korean: 건국대학교; Hanja: 建國大學校) is a South Korean private university founded in 1946 and it is one of the top universities in South Korea. The university was founded based on three virtues: sincerity, fidelity, and righteousness.

    • Urban
    • 29,600
    • Young Jae Jeon
    • KonWoo & KonHee (Bull)
  4. Koordinaten: 37° 32′ 26,7″ N, 127° 4′ 45,6″ O. Seoul Campus. Die Konkuk University ( koreanisch 건국대학교) ist eine privatwirtschaftliche Universität in Südkorea. Sie ist eine von 36 Hochschulen in Seoul.

    • 1931
    • Privat
    • Sincerity (성, 誠), Fidelity (신, 信), Righteousness (의, 義)
    • Seoul
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    건국대학교는 VIP동물의료센터에서 KU동물병원 발전기금으로 1억원을 기부했다고 27일 밝혔다. - 고분자과학, 유기화학 분야 JCR 상위 2.9% (IF=11.2) 국제 저명학술지 논문 게재 건국대 정선호 교수팀, 왼쪽부터 정선호 교수 (교신저자), 김요한 박사 (제1저자), 김경호 ...

  6. 건국대학교 글로컬캠퍼스. The history of Konkuk University (KU) dates back to 1931 when the People's Hospital was founded. The establish ment of the Chosun Political Science School followed in 1946, which was later renamed Konkuk University. In its history of more than 80 years, KU has grown into a prestigious institution of higher...

  7. Konkuk University is a private university in Seoul, South Korea, with two campus locations. It offers a range of programs in various disciplines, accredited by national and international organizations, and hosts international students and staff.