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  1. Vor 18 Stunden · The Joker has been adapted in live-action, animated, and video game incarnations, including the 1960s Batman television series played by Cesar Romero and in films by Jack Nicholson in Batman (1989), Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight (2008), Jared Leto in the DC Extended Universe (2016–2021), and Joaquin Phoenix in Joker (2019); Ledger and Phoenix each earned an Academy Award for their portrayals.

  2. Vor 18 Stunden · Johann Wolfgang von Goethe [a] (28 August 1749 – 22 March 1832) was a German polymath and writer, who is widely regarded as the greatest and most influential writer in the German language. His work has had a profound and wide-ranging influence on Western literary, political, and philosophical thought from the late 18th century to the present ...

  3. Vor 2 Stunden · U.S.A.!”. For the first time in more than four decades, a man who was elected president of the United States was wounded in an assassination attempt when a gunman who appeared to have crawled ...

  4. Vor 18 Stunden · John Constantine ( / ˈkɒnstənˌtaɪn /) [1] is a fictional character who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics. Constantine first appeared in Swamp Thing #37 (June 1985), and was created by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, and John Totleben . The titular Hellblazer, [2] [3] Constantine is a working-class warlock, occult detective ...

  5. Vor 18 Stunden · Guitar Hero (englisch für „Gitarrenheld“) ist eine Videospielserie aus dem Bereich der Musikspiele.Hierbei soll der Nutzer versuchen, während des Spiels zu hörende Musikstücke auf einem speziellen gitarrenförmigen Gamecontroller möglichst authentisch nachzuspielen, indem er auf entsprechende Knöpfe des Controllers drückt.

  6. Vor 18 Stunden · This is chronological list of action films released in the 1990s. Often there may be considerable overlap particularly between action and other genres (including horror, comedy, and science fiction films ); the list should attempt to document films which are more closely related to action, even if they bend genres. Title. Director. Cast. Country.

  7. Vor 18 Stunden · Nickelodeon. The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, also known as the KCAs or Kids' Choice, is an American annual awards ceremony show produced by Nickelodeon. Usually held on a Saturday night in March or early April, the show honors the year's biggest in television, film, music, and sports as voted by viewers worldwide of Nickelodeon networks.